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Member News: SLOOW Studio launch new sustainable Betty line

SLOOW Studio sustainable Betty range GOTS cotton

Creating simple and concise sustainable alternatives to disposable fashion, SLOOW Studio has launched a conscious collection of pieces made from GOTS certified cotton

Celebrating the preservation of tradition craft techniques, Amanda Roughley, founder of SLOOW Studio designs and sews clothing pieces to inspire us all to live slow and simple.

SLOOW creates items that are made to order, so there is no wasted stock. The pieces are handmade in London by Amanda and are curated into minimal clothing made from natural fibres.

Taking sustainability one step further, SLOOW Studio is helping to close the loop by creating pieces from remnants. Their Collar’s are made from off-cuts from the production of their other garments.

SLOOW Studio sustainable off-cut collars

Their current collection uses 100% wool without any harm to animals and GOTS Organic Cotton. (The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organically grown.)

As the garments are made from 100% Wool and 100% Organic Cotton, they are fully biodegradable. Wool and Organic Cotton is a naturally renewable resource that can be recycled.

SLOOW Studio have launched a new collection named the Betty range featuring: 017 Betty Shorts, 018 Betty Vest and 019 Betty Dress

This new range is made from Organic Double Gauze White Cotton, a soft and airy fabric perfect for those summer days. Consciously curated minimal designs aimed to last for many seasons to come. 

SLOOW Studio sustainable Betty range

The Betty Shorts include an elastic waist which is made from 65% Organic Cotton and 35% natural rubber and is biodegradable.

Sizes range includes XS-XL. SLOOW Studio also offers a custom option to ensure your garment is the perfect fit.

The brand also considers the eco-impact of their labels and packaging. Their labels are made from recycled t-shirts and the packaging is made from recycled materials and delivered in biodegradable packages.

Find out more about SLOOW Studio and their new Betty range here.


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