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Member Masterclass: Google Analytics basics for small businesses

With Niamh Cavlan, co-founder of Business Support Collective

Niamh Cavlan Google Analytics masterclass

About this masterclass

As a small business, knowing how to track your website traffic is vital for not only selling your products, but also understanding who your customers are. Google Analytics is a web analytics service which includes all the tracking tools you need.

This masterclass will run through all the basics of how to use the tools available and which metrics you should be tracking in Google Analytics.

Niamh will be covering:

  • Getting started: Deciphering the landing page and navigating the platform
  • Metrics and KPI’s: What you’ll want to look at and where to find them
  • Goal Conversions: How to set them up and how to apply them
  • E-commerce: How to set it up and how to use the data effectively
  • Brief overview of other useful tools in the Google arsenal and how they can help

Please note: this session won’t cover how to set up Google Analytics on your website. If you would like to find out how to do this ahead of the call, visit this: Getting started with Google Analytics guide.

Who is Niamh Cavlan

Having worked in analytics for big businesses and agencies for 15 years, Niamh has taken her knowledge and skills to the people who need it most – small business owners.

She now provides training and support for companies who want to understand their data and make better use of it to grow their business.

About Business Support Collective

In 2020 Niamh co-founded the Business Support Collective. This group of freelancers provide senior-level expertise for small businesses in all areas of business from Google Analytics and reporting to legal and more.

The aim of the collective is to help small business owners grow their business with the level of support available in larger companies, without having to make expensive hires.  

Want access to this masterclass?

When you join you will get access to recordings of all available masterclasses on the Make it British website.

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